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Gender Equality


What we do



We help you invest in sustainable, socially conscious companies that add a gender lens to their decision-making.

Through Partnerships & Co-creation. We co-create products to ensure everyone can invest with a gender lens. 

Though we tried, we could not find an investment offering to match our values. Our solution was Think Yellow and putting a ‘gender lens’ on investment. We would like you to join us in choosing the option to vote with our money and make a real difference. NOW is the time for action.  


The Bigger Picture

Reasons to Invest in Gender Equality



Accumulated data prove gender-balanced thinking makes for better performing businesses.


When women thrive, we all stand to benefit. Narrowing the gender gap could add $12 trillion to the global economy by 2025*. 




Women bear the brunt of climate change, while being the best bet in the fight for a healthy, clean and sustainable planet. 

How it all started

"This young lady, i.e. the woman in the top picture, came to me and asked: 'Isn't your elevator pitch including all 17 SDGs not a bit long? Why don't you focus on SDG5 - Gender Equality and move money in that direction? There is not enough focus on Gender Lens Investing something that makes absolutely no sense. It is such an amazing topic, so full of opportunities. It is where I would place my money, but cannot find out how. Come on, let's do it! I am tired of talking.' The rest is Think Yellow."

Mette Rotbøll,




Our motto:

“Follow your heart but take your brain with you.” 

Alfred Adler



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