Invest to advance gender equality

At Think Yellow we envision a world where gender is no longer a question. And to get there, we believe Gender Lens Investing is the most efficient tool. So, we have made it our mission to drive investments toward 

advancing gender equality.




Gender Lens Investing is the deliberate incorporation of gender factors into investment analysis and decisions. 

 If green investing stands for environmental investing, think of Gender Lens Investing as yellow investing.  

What is Gender Lens Investing

We give presentations and offer workshops to inform you about Gender Lens Investing. We also work in close collaboration with like-minded partners on the same journey towards gender equality.


We aim to make Gender Lens Investments more accessible by co-creating investable vehicles with leading financial institutions. Our goal is to make investment solutions available that correspond to your values.


 We lend an ear to those who wish to address gender inequality and who are tired of talking. We act as a go-between, connecting you to relevant partners, so that you can make a difference through Gender Lens Investing.

Listen & Connect

What we do

Enable people to invest with a Gender Lens

Co-created Gender Lens Investment products

This is the first pension product of its kind. Baloise has embraced this new investment theme and supports our mission in making more investable solutions for people who want to make a difference while receiving a return.


“The Portfolio Yellow Equities is of dual interest to our customers: On the one hand, an attractive investment opportunity within private pension planning, and on the other hand, the participation in companies that promote and perform well on Gender Equality”  -  Mario Neuhäusler, Produkt Manager Leben at Baloise. 

Baloise Fonds Plan - Yellow Equities

A 3rd Pillar Pension Product. 

Consist 100% of stocks

Invest in Europes best performing Gender Equal companies

The portfolio consists of 60 stocks

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The three Think Yellow Tracker Certificates issued by Bank Julius Baer & Co Ltd. (BJB) available on the SIX Swiss Exchange as of 8 March 2018:


1. JB Tracker Certificate on the Think Yellow Gender Equality Nordic Stars Basket

– ISIN CH0332263471

Includes 34 Nordic Stocks, which belong to the Top 200 best-performing companies according to Equileap’s data set


2. JB Tracker Certificate on the Think Yellow Gender Equality Global Basket

– ISIN CH0332263463

  Includes 26 global stocks, which gained above 20-grade points on Equileap’s data set.


3. JB Tracker Certificate on the Think Yellow Gender Equality Benchmark Basket

– ISIN CH0332263455

 Includes 7 global stocks, which gained top grade points on Equileap’s data set.

Think Yellow tracker certificates issued by Julius Baer.

In developing these Gender Lens Investment solutions, we partner with Equileap, a leading research organisation on gender equality in the workplace, with a mission to accelerate change, by evaluating public companies on gender equality criteria and making data, rankings and tools available to companies and investors. Equileap maintains a database of over 3,000 public companies from 23 developed countries which are ranked in terms of gender equality according to 19 criteria, grouped in four categories: 

We utilise Equileap’s data to identify the underlyings for the products taking all criteria into account, and with the aim to offer a broad, sound view on the gender equality performance of companies of interests.   

A. Gender balance in leadership and workforce

B. Equal compensations and work/life balance

C. Policies promoting gender equality and 

D. Commitment to women’s empowerment. 

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Mette Rotbøll,


Mette follows the fire in her belly. For more than 20 years, she has been actively involved in responsible investing and is committed to combining purpose with financial return.

Karina Storinggaard


Karina is a powerhouse of ideation and visionary thinking. She does not take no for an answer and will not stop until Gender Lens Investing becomes common practice.

Our  partners

Tiia Mäkinen


Experience, strategy and design are what make Tiia tick. Her focus is on clients and on making sure clients find meaning and purpose in the solution and product offering.

Josiane Peronnet 


Josiane is our finance expert with an entrepreneurial spirit. While she loves to push the boundaries, she is also all about delivering financially sound products and solutions.

Our Commitment

"Fantastic, I would like to know more - please keep me updated!"

Our Team

For us, equality means business. In pursuit of our vision, we are working hard to push Gender Lens Investing to the forefront to give you, our purpose-led clients, the opportunity to drive change.

Think Yellow Insight Articles


According to latest WEF report on the global gender equality in the workplace, efforts to achieve parity have actually gone into reverse. Is this a case of ‘regress to progress’ or do we just not know where to begin?

Gender Equality - there's work to be done

People,  organisations and articles that inspired us

MSCI, Women on Boards (Sep. 2015), Companies in the MSCI World Index with strong female leadership generated a Return on Equity of 10.1% per year versus 7.4% for those without -- between Dec. 2009 and Aug. 2015.

Peterson Institute for International Economics, Is Gender Diversity Profitable? (Feb. 2016), The results suggest that the presence of women in corporate leadership positions may improve firm performance significantly. 

Credit Suisse, The CS Gender 3000: Women in Senior Management (Sep. 2014), Greater diversity in boards and management are empirically associated with higher returns on equity, higher price/book valuations and superior stock price performance.

Gender diversity, as a financial consideration for investors, is accelerating. This is driven by a growing body of research that shows increased diversity and a more inclusive workforce can be attributes of strong performance, as well as by a desire from asset owners to use their financial resources as a tool to drive social change and greater gender equality. 

For full report read here:  

Gender Equality Research

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